Quantum Transformational Coaching

Welcome to Quantum Transformational Coaching

Quantum Transformational Coaching is a company helping individuals and organisations reach both personal and vocational excellence. We specialise in the field of leadership, successful careers, relationships and self-fullment.

We offer both one-to-one sessions and group workshops which are tailor made to meet each individuals needs to ensure that journeys to personal and organisational success are realised.

I have been passionate about human excellence for many years. This interest led me to explore the field of psychology. These studies were thought-provoking but they did not give me the answer to what human potential can be and how it can be fully utilised to achieve the maximum results.

After receiving my MA in psychology I decided to study Human Resources Management in order to address my curiosity. As a result I have another MA in my pocket but still no answer to my fundamental question.

In the meantime I started my career in a Human Resource role in a London bank. During that time I discovered Neuro Linguistic Programming and felt that it was the right path to follow. I had the privilege of being trained by the best leaders in the field. I discovered how to model excellence, how to achieve one’s full potential and how to do it with integrity and respect to yourself and others.

After obtaining my NLP Master Practioner qualifications I was able to integrate and apply the skills in my HR role in the corporate environment. After a few years, I decided to fully concentrate on what I am most passionate about, supporting individuals and companies in achieving excellence and success. I left the bank and set up Quantum Transformational Coaching.

Our Key Areas of Support FOR individuals & organisations

Guidelines for Leadership

We work with leaders, and aspiring leaders, to support them in achieving their most important goals. This is accomplished by reaching a deep level of self–awareness and empowering those involved to unleash their potential to become more effective and inspiring.

Developing your career

We support you in your current career in order to make it a happier experience as well as more successful. We also help you to identify and explore future career options, and support you in your progression to your desired direction. This assistance will continue throughout the smooth transition period, helping you adapt in your new environment and aiding the achievement of more rapid success.

Improving your relationships

Although relationships can successfully transform our lives, they can present challenges. These can be a result of a number of factors. Whether a personal or business relationship, it’s essential to strike harmony and balance with others. We help you to address your patterns and blocks, and transform them in order to create healthy, effective and powerful one-on-one and group relationships.

Achieving self-fulfillment

We help you to achieve self-fulfilment by connecting you to your own deepest values and making use of your unique strengths both in a personal and business context. Do you know what is really important to you? Do you have a strong sense of purpose and passion? Do some of your beliefs stop you from being full-filled? We will help you to achieve your highest vision and values, and transform them, with self motivation, into your very best performances.

Our Approach

One-to-One Coaching

One to One coaching is the powerful way to help individuals reach their intended goals. By undertaking focused one-to-one sessions we evaluate where you are now and what you want to achieve. We will then explore with you what is needed to bridge the gap and attain your goals effortlessly in a measured space of time.


Our bespoke workshops are designed to meet specific individual and organisational needs. They are highly experimental in order to enable participants to reach a new level of awareness, gain new transformational insights and to become more resourceful and successful. Specific organisational needs can be discussed in detail so that individual workshops can be designed and implemented.


We also run theme workshops, which are designed as half or one day events for up to 20 participants. We currently run two following theme workshops.

1: Design your Future

The aim of the workshop is to help participants design their desired future.

The workshop covers:

  • Discovering what you really want by connecting you to your own deepest values
  • Creating a compelling vision
  • Designing a plan to transform your vision into reality
  • Enhancing your motivation in order to help you achieve your goals

2: Powerful Relationships

The aim of the workshop is to help participants build and maintain powerful, positive and rewarding personal and business relationships.

The workshop covers:

  • Building rapport - the foundation of successful relationships
  • Effective and powerful communication
  • Understanding your and others values and intentions
  • Conflict management and negotiation for a win/win solution